SIM Incontinence

We are excited to implement the SIM incontinence management program into our menu of care services at Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare. This revolutionary program benefits residents and care providers on multiple levels. Residents living with continence issues wear a Smart monitor which tracks their restroom habits so that care providers can create bathroom schedules around their natural needs. The goal is to increase comfort and dignity for our patients and residents while creating more predictable schedules which are more efficient for care providers to manage.

Special Programs

The results are extraordinary. With specialized pads and electronic monitoring, there is less disposable waste, fewer surprises and much more time for caregivers to spend taking care of residents, instead of taking care of incontinence issues. Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare is the first senior care community in the area to use the SIM incontinence program. This is another area where we are taking the lead in person-first senior care.

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