Care Coordination

The last thing anyone wants to deal with when they need care is a disconnected patchwork of services and providers. If you have a patient who needs to transition into rehabilitative care or a loved one who needs long-term support or memory care, you want a solid bridge from where they are to where they need to be next. At Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare, we are that bridge. We will respond quickly to your referral call or request, and clear a smooth path for transition.

Get the Care You Need

patient and doctorOnce here, our residents are welcomed into one of four neighborhoods, each designed to meet the highest expectations for whatever level of care is required. With an immediate professional assessment, electronic medical records, our specialized programs, and regular therapies, residents can get the care they need immediately, with no gap in services. And thanks to ongoing care advocacy provided by dedicated and compassionate case managers, post-discharge follow-up and caregiver support groups, you’ll never have to tackle “what’s next?” all on your own. We understand how to successfully navigate a continuum of care. Contact Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare to learn more or to make a professional referral today.