Accountable Care Organization

Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare is affiliated with Atlanticare and Princeton HealthCare Partners, LLC, which serve as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). The goal of the ACO is to encourage a patient-centered approach that embraces seamless care among providers. Rather than a patchwork of disjointed services and fees, the ACO provides patients with coordinated treatment and recovery, as well as a say in their own care. That’s part of what it means to be a person-first.

setting goalsOur Goals

As an affiliate of Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare, the goals of Atlanticare and Princeton HealthCare Partners, LLC, are threefold:

  • Improve the experience of care for senior patients
  • Improve senior wellbeing
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Want to learn more about what it means to be an Accountable Care Organization? We’re happy to share! Contact us to find out more about person-first care at Village Point Rehabilitation & Healthcare.